"Sexism Against Conservative Women Is Still Sexism"

Posted: Jun 11, 2009 11:47 AM
Amy Siskind says that "selective feminism" is to blame for the sexist attacks on Carrie Prejean, the Palins, and the recent "hate sex" column featuring conservative women that was pulled by Playboy. She also says selective feminism is to blame for sexism against those on the left, and cites the RNC's "Pussy Galore" video as evidence. Siskind then goes on to say that we're making progress across the board in combating all forms of sexism, whether they come from the right or the left:
We see the successes of our collective actions. We see how The New Agenda can issue an action alert about the RNC "Pussy Galore" video and have our members write to Michael Steele and within 24 hours, the video is pulled. Or where Twitter and countless blogs condemned the Playboy article and shortly thereafter it disappeared. Because frankly these attackers know better - they are aware that this is not for the good of our country. They just need that gentle nudge of enlightenment.
Kudos to Siskind for pointing out that sexism is deplorable in all its forms, but it's simply not as rampant among conservatives as it is among liberals. Besides the "Pussy Galore" video, she doesn't cite a single other example of sexism from the right. This bias is supported by the examples she gives of women's organizations that serve the purpose of combating sexism; she's quick to mention The New Agenda, WomenCount and Campaign for Gender Equality, but doesn't bother mentioning The Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, Concerned Women for America, or the Independent Women's Forum.
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