Sotomayor One Of Three Judges In America To Rule That Second Amendment Does Not Apply To States

Posted: May 26, 2009 2:43 PM
Six federal judges have addressed the landmark Heller decision so far. Ken Blackwell points out that Sotomayor was one of three who said that if a state wants to deny your right to have a gun, a federal court cannot overturn that.

Judges who held the opposite — that states could not deny your Constitutional right to own a gun — were appointed by Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. These are liberal judges, not conservative judges, from Ninth Circuit in California. 

That means if Chicago, or even the state of Illinois or New York, wants to ban you from owning any guns at all, even in your own house, that’s okay with her. According to Judge Sotomayor, if your state or city bans all guns the way Washington, D.C. did, that’s okay under the Constitution.