Republican "Plan" Not Really A Plan At All

Posted: Mar 27, 2009 4:39 PM
Republican leaders released their new "Road to Recovery" plan, consisting of a lengthy, glossy pamphlet, with cool-looking fonts and and a bubbly press release accompanying it. The pamphlet said exciting things like "Lowers Taxes" and "Limits the Federal Budget from Growing Faster than Family Budgets" and in general, made me feel really fuzzy inside.

Unfortunately, there wasn't an actual course of action detailed within the pages of the report. There were a few facts and figures, a couple of cool diagrams, and stuff, and things, but no.....plan. More unfortunate, there's been zero communication with the only people the Republicans have a flying chance of working with in order to pass the plan - the Blue Dog Democrats. From Spokeperson Kristen Hawn:

I haven’t seen any numbers, and we have not been consulted by the Republicans.

So not only is the Republican plan not an actual...plan, but there isn't any real hope for moving it forward.