Moron Alert: Maxine Waters Doesn't Believe Leaks Jeopardize National Security

Posted: Aug 05, 2017 6:30 PM

Perpetually offended Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on The View yesterday and opined on a number of topics (including a possible 2020 Presidential run), but stubbornly refused to admit there could possibly be any negative consequences arising from the steady stream of leaks, including transcripts of phone calls President Trump had with other heads of state.

Waters was asked if she was disturbed that confidential conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were leaked. She replied:

"Not at all. I am so glad they're telling us what's going on.

"I need to hear these conversations. Unfortunately, this is his [Trump's] problem. He's in a White House where he's got people working for him that don't believe in what he's doing...."

When challenged that it could be a problem for the country if our president cannot have a candid conversation with another country, Waters said she didn't "see it that way at all" and dug in.

"Let me tell you something. Mexico is glad to have it leaked....Isn't it good that his supporters hear that [about Mexico not paying for the wall]?"

Rather than blaming leakers, Waters claims it's Trump's fault that things are being leaked and it's a failure of leadership. She even sees it as a call for Dems to "do something about" the "danger" she says Trump poses.

"The leadership starts at the top. It is this president that his own people don't have confidence in.

"They want us to do something. 

"He's the danger, and they want us to do something about it."

Of course, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were adding comments of agreement. But let's look back at what they said about President Trump when he shared intel about ISIS with Russia, which is vastly different than illegally leaking confidential conversations to the press. Mere details from the perspective of these babes, because the real determining factor to them is if they can hurt Trump.

Joy Behar:

"I don't think that the people who created our government expected to have a blabbermouth in the White House."

Whoopi Goldberg:

 "When you give people information that they would not normally have that you keep close to your vest and suddenly you're telling everybody, it endangers everyone."

And what did Maxine Waters think of information sharing - sharing that, as President, Trump had every right to do - then? She thought he should be impeached. 

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