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It used to be that one of the goals of higher education was to expose students to a wide range of ideas and teach them how to critically analyze theories and philosophies and debate them with others. For decades conservative theories were frowned upon on campus and in the ivory towers of tenured faculty, but people were still allowed to speak about them. Those days have passed.

Today's campuses seek to be "safe spaces" for students, where they will never be offended or hear a theory that challenges their worldview. Speakers deemed "controversial" are not allowed to speak on campus, even (especially) on the campus that birthed the free speech movement, UC Berkeley.

This stifling of free speech and free thought has moved from being an annoyance to a threat to the country's future, argue Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager. They aim to highlight the ridiculousness and "get to the bottom of so much nonsense in America in their upcoming documentary, "No Safe Spaces," for which they are fundraising on Indiegogo.

Adam and Dennis will show you how so many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas have ruined college for young people and now threaten to ruin the country by creating a nation of precious snowflakes who melt when they encounter an idea that they disagree with.  And while the topic is serious, we can’t resist making this a funny film. 

In December 2016 a scheduled appearance at California State University-Northridge by the two was canceled at the last minute, with the administration claiming problems with "logistics." After the university received a few letters from lawyers for the production company, the appearance took place in February of this year. Here is a clip from that appearance, where Prager points out that one's status in life is now determined by one's victim status.

On campus, disagreement equals offense. When these students graduate into the "real world," disagreement, especially with a politician, equals oppression, in their minds. Where will this lead?

"This is the state we are in. And then you get play-doh and stuffed animals in a safe room."

Conservatives laugh at the terminology of "trigger words" and "safe spaces," as we should. But, as Prager and Carolla's movie will make abundantly clear, beyond the laughter lurks a major threat to American society.

The "No Safe Spaces" Indiegogo campaign has been extended for three weeks. More information - and the opportunity to be a part of producing this important film - can be found here.

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