Angela Merkel Closes G-20 With Strong Words for President Trump

Posted: Jul 08, 2017 11:15 AM

In her remarks at the end of the G-20 summit Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the United States' withdrawal from the Paris agreement "regrettable," but that she and other leaders remain committed to it.

“Wherever there is no consensus that can be achieved, disagreement has to be made clear. Unfortunately, and I deplore this, the United States of America left the climate agreement. I am gratified to note that the other 19 members of the G-20 feel the Paris agreement is irreversible."

The final statement on climate states that the United States is committed to "an approach that lowers emissions while supporting economic growth and improving energy security needs" while acknowledging its withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Merkel's negotiation skills, saying:

"But the compromise was reached that although the US will withdraw, they are nevertheless still prepared to carry on now (with) discussions on this subject. It seems to me this is a very positive point and can be chalked up to the successes of Angela Merkel."

British Prime Minister May and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also voiced their disappointment in the United States' position.