FINALLY, April the Giraffe Gives Birth

Posted: Apr 15, 2017 12:09 PM

The world's most anticipated baby giraffe is finally here! April the Giraffe, whose pregnancy has been livestreamed since February, gave birth Saturday morning while at least 1.2 million people watched.

This calf is April's fourth, but the first for both the father and Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. The livestream was briefly taken down from YouTube in February after complaints that it contained nudity and explicit images.

Social media erupted with congratulatory messages:

About 45 minutes after birth, the calf tried to stand for the first time - and faceplanted.

Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park, said they'd be holding a naming contest, with proceeds going to support giraffe conservation in the wild, giraffe care at Animal Adventure, and "Ava's Little Heroes," an annual fundraiser.