Man Killed at Paris Airport Was Involved in Earlier Carjacking, Shooting

Posted: Mar 18, 2017 11:54 AM

French authorities told CNN that Ziyed Ben Belgacem, the man who was killed at Paris Orly Airport after he attempted to seize a soldier's gun, was involved in a shooting and carjacking shortly before the airport shooting.

From CNN:

About 90 minutes before the airport incident, the attacker had used a gun that fires steel pellets to shoot an officer after being asked for ID at a police checkpoint north of Paris, Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said at a news conference. Such a weapon could inflict harm but would not usually be lethal.

The attacker then carjacked a vehicle south of Paris before making his way to the airport, Paris prosecutor's spokeswoman Agn├Ęs Thibault-Lecuivre told CNN.

Fortunately, the officer was not seriously hurt. A police operation is underway in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, and Belgacem's father and brother are being questioned. The 39-year-old was known to intelligence services and to police "for nine instances of armed robbery and drug trafficking."