DC-Area Venue No Longer Hosting 'DeploraBall'

Posted: Dec 16, 2016 12:15 PM

Clarendon Ballroom, a nightclub in Arlington, Virginia, has backed out of talks to host a “DeploraBall” with supporters of the president-elect around the time of the presidential inauguration.

Citizens for Trump, the group organizing the “DeploraBall,” had been in talks with Clarendon Ballroom over the event that was supposed to take place the night before the inauguration. The event would’ve included some of Trump’s most prolific online boosters.

Management at the Arlington nightclub cancelled plans this week and cited “the suspicious actions of the organizers.” They claimed organizers were already selling tickets before a contract was signed and there were concerns of views posted online by guests of Citizens for Trump.

One of the organizers of the group, Jack Posobiec, says Clarendon Ballroom caved because of political pressure. They were in final negotiations until everything fell through.

“They knew from the first email that it was an event to celebrate President Trump,” Posobiec stated to the Washington Post. “It was perfectly fine until The Washington Post started calling them out.” He was referencing to a tweet by a Washington Post reporter.

Clarendon Ballroom is now reporting they are being inundated with unhappy callers.