Rep. Louie Gohmert Says Congress Has the Funds to Pay for Trump’s Wall

Posted: Nov 11, 2016 11:30 AM
Rep. Louie Gohmert Says Congress Has the Funds to Pay for Trump’s Wall

According to Texas representative Louie Gohmert, Congress should have no problem finding the money to pay for Trump’s wall between Mexico and the United States. He made the case Friday morning that Capitol Hill has already appropriated money in the past for similar projects, only to have them sidelined by an uncooperative executive branch.

Gohmert says this won’t be the case with a Trump White House.

“I've been thrilled how our Republican leadership has just gotten all excited about Trump,” Gohmert said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “It's amazing what you can get congress to do when you lead and push them in the right direction. And actually, you know, we had appropriated money during the bush administration that didn't get spent for the wall, so, yeah, it's going to be great to have somebody that's actually following the law.”

The Texas Republican dived into more specific detail on such a project – suggesting the money already allocated for a wall could be supplemented from the “illegals we’ve already been in-processing.”

He also added that not every part of the Mexican border needs a wall, saying an “observation balloon” would suffice for some areas.

This funding proposal is at odds with the president-elect, who has relentlessly called for Mexico to cover the costs of the wall.