Paul Ryan Voted for Trump

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 9:17 AM

In an early morning interview with "Fox and Friends", Paul Ryan let it be known he voted “for all Republicans” on the ticket.

The hosts had immediately asked Ryan if he would vote for Donald Trump. Ryan responded (without specifically naming Trump) that he, in fact, has already gone to the ballot box and voted for all Republicans on the ticket.

Ryan went on to harshly criticize Hillary Clinton and gave a bleak picture of what a hypothetical Clinton administration would look like. “For those who don’t remember what life was like in the 1990’s, this is what life is like with the Clintons.”

The speaker was referring to the ongoing scandal with Clinton and her use of a private email server. He noted that this was nothing new of the Clintons. “They would operate a White House that would not fix our government – only scandal and baggage.”

The speaker pointed out that he’s worked on a "Better Way" agenda to actually fix Washington with real, conservative reforms - issues Ryan said he’s spoken with Trump on. Unlike a scandal-plagued Clinton administration, a Republican government would fix the government.

Ryan stressed that his job right now is to make sure Nancy Pelosi does not become House speaker again. He noted that once the Fox interview was over, he’d be on his way campaigning for Republicans in Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Virginia – doing everything he can to assist the GOP to retain the House chamber.

Ryan also revealed that he enjoyed his role as speaker more than he anticipated when going in. The hosts asked if he’d step down if asked by House Republicans. He said he serves at the pleasure of his House colleagues and would not have a problem doing so, but added that he feels he’s been doing a good job.