Don't Get Between Michelle and Her Tamales

Posted: May 06, 2011 2:30 PM
Last night was the White House Cinco de Mayo dinner, and as usual, it included a shout out to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign.

Said Obama: "I asked Michelle the other day, I said, ‘What’s your favorite food’ -- because we were sitting around with the girls. She said, ‘Ah, Mexican food.’" 

The crowd loved the news. 

"You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale," joked the president.  "It’s true. It’s true. But she’s moving, though, so she can afford to have as many tamales as she wants," said Obama in a nod to his wife’s "Let’s Move" healthy campaign.

That goes for us commoners too, right? Apparently the Obama's don't think so. Their food initiatives are slowly becoming more coercive. There is nothing to oppose if they want to set an example of healthy living within their household. But strong arming restaurants into changing their menus or promulgating regulations for bake sales amounts to treating their constituents like children in need of guidance.

Barack and Michelle are alright with eating unhealthy food as long as they do so in moderation and stay active, as they should be. But the rest of us apparently need to be corralled into a top-down plan for nutrition, as if our eating habits are their business in the first place.