Majority of Democrats Want Keystone

Posted: Mar 19, 2014 7:15 PM

So what are we waiting for? For some reason, we are still waiting on getting the Keystone Pipeline built. And Democrats can no longer pretend like Republicans are the only ones who want to start construction on the pipeline.

As a whole, Americans remain highly supportive of the pipeline which will carry crude oil down from Canada and bring it to the Gulf coast. A new Pew Poll finds 61 percent of all Americans want it built, but when examining Democrats in particular, it still shows more support it than oppose it. Democrats favor the project by a 49-38 margin.

With most Democrats now supporting construction of the pipeline, it is becoming a point of contention within the party. Labor unions are anxious for the construction process, and many are growing frustrated with the administration dragging its feet on the project.

The pipeline is still waiting on approval from the State Department because it crosses an international border, but then it will be in Obama’s hands to push it along. The project is something that will help lower income families better afford energy for their homes. 54% of those making less than $50,000 each year support the pipeline construction.

It’s time the administration takes action and start construction on the pipeline. The labor unions want it, most Democrats want it, and the majority of all Americans want it!

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