Obamacare Means Bad News for the Rest of Obama's Agenda

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 5:20 PM

Post Obamacare rollout disaster, it is no surprise that many are questioning President Obama and his ability to run the country effectively. One of the first items on the president’s agenda when entering office was a health care law that made insurance more accessible for all Americans. After seeing how this was done, many Americans are looking at Obama’s agenda wondering if he is really equipped to make major change.

Competency is the major question here. How is it that the government can’t even build a functioning website, and now we are hoping they can handle correctly processing millions of undocumented immigrants and require all employers to verify their workers’ status?

Obama’s broken promises on health care reform are preventing many from pushing through an incomplete/bad immigration reform bill. At the beginning of this year, with President Obama’s second inauguration, many felt that immigration reform would happen this year. But instead, the legislation remains on the backburner in the House.

With a more skeptical American public, many Republicans are using it as a driving point for keeping immigration reform from the floor. If programs that Obamacare implemented are not effectively and efficiently being carried out, then how is it that Americans are supposed to trust them to get immigration reform right?

Until the Obama administration can get Obamacare smoothed out (and I’m not even sure that’s possible), immigration reform may have to wait. The website must be fixed and President Obama will need to address the “if you like your plan you can keep it” lie. Perhaps then we will see accountability and feel more trust in the government’s ability to run various programs effectively.

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