Capitol Hill Staffers Told Not to Rely on Info from Exchange Website

Posted: Dec 11, 2013 7:30 PM

Well it seem that the very people who passed the healthcare law are not happy with the way the website was implemented and do not trust it for their own staffers. Capitol Hill staffers who used the DC healthcare exchange, known as DC Health Link, have now been told to confirm their enrollments in person instead of relying on the data provided by the website.

An email was sent earlier today warning staffers, “it is essential that you confirm your coverage in DCHL through the Disbursing Office.” The email then continues, “Do not rely on your ‘My Account’ page or other correspondence from DCHL…Please do not assume you are covered unless you have seen the confirmation letter from the Disbursing Office.”

These staffers only have until Monday to sign up for the D.C. healthcare exchange. The portal that they have had to use has experienced several technical issues (SHOCKING) over the past few weeks. The only reason they have through Monday is because there was an extension granted for those who had problems due to the glitches.

If those who voted for this incompetent legislation can’t even have their staffers sign up without issues, how is it that the rest of us are supposed to have an easy experience? It’s a good thing Sebelius asked for an investigation into her own website today! Ha

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