Chris Matthews Set to Interview Obama this Week

Posted: Dec 03, 2013 4:05 PM

This Thursday’s episode of Chris Matthew’s “Hardball” should be renamed to “Softball” before airing. Chris Matthews will be doing, what I am sure will be a hard hitting interview with President Obama this Thursday in front of an audience at American University in Washington, DC.

Matthews, who is known for claiming President Obama gave him a “thrill” up his leg, will be interviewing the President in front of a live audience, where President Obama will then take questions from the audience and some questions that were submitted online. I can’t help but wonder if this interview is the result of Obama’s recent off-the-record meeting with several MSNBC hosts at the White House.

According to the MSNBC website,

Obama’s interview with Matthews comes following the rocky rollout of, an interim nuclear deal with Iran, renewed calls for immigration reform, and with new budget negotiations on the horizon.” But what will Matthews ask Obama about? “Matthews will discuss a number of topics with Obama, including voter suppression, healthcare, political gridlock in D.C., growing dissatisfaction with the government and more.”

I am sure we will not see many hard hitting questions from either Chris Matthews or the American University audience. It sounds like President Obama needed to make people believe in his health care law again, and this was his best option. There is definitely no chance he will be put in a tough situation with Chris Matthews asking the questions.

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