White House Releases Famous Beer Recipe

Posted: Sep 02, 2012 9:46 AM

It’s official, the White House beer recipe is out! Yesterday afternoon White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, tweeted out the link to the recipe and a video of how to make it. Thank goodness the president has this nice distraction to take away from the fact that he is down in the polls and all the attention is on the Republicans right now.

In his Reddit conversation last week many involved were interested in the beer recipe and they have finally gotten their answer.

But this isn’t just about the beer. This is an effort to once again make the President more likeable and accessible. This regular guy drinks beer and this is the recipe that our president drinks. This is a great way to try and change the conversation. President Obama has done his best to avoid giving answers to serious questions about problems that are facing Americans today. Instead he has moved completely into campaign mode.

However, this is not the only time that we have heard from Obama concerning beer. We all remember the great “Beer Summit” and don’t forget all of his visits to sports bars and college bars to win over the votes; he even bought a round for some folks at the Iowa state fair! This gesture got him to change the chant from “four more years” to “four more beers”. Isn’t he clever?

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Mike Adams

It’s a good thing President Obama has this great piece of news to release to take away from other pieces of news that will be holding our interest, like perhaps the jobs report due out this week? Obama caves to a petition online to release this recipe, but they won’t respond to several simple questions about what he is going to do to fix the American economy. It’s not about the number of questions answered Mr. President, it’s about the quality and importance to the American people.