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Embarrassment: Stanford President Finally Apologizes for Disgraceful Treatment of Federal Judge


An ugly but familiar spectacle played out at Stanford Law School last week, as a federal judge was shouted down and berated by students -- with a prominent university administrator joining the appalling pile-on.  If you weren't following the controversy as it unfolded, here's a taste of how the profane, angry mob greeted their on-campus visitor.  Some of America's most elite law schools have devolved into insane asylums.

This comes with a content warning for language:

What an embarrassment.  And rather than enforcing free speech rules, the "DEI" dean joined in the extremely shabby treatment of the judge, effectively siding with the hecklers.  An initial post-event response from the school conspicuously lacked any sort of meaningful apology, as intense criticism poured in:

The judge himself isn't holding back either:

It's hard to argue with any of this:

At long last, after immense criticism, Stanford's president finally got around to issuing a much more proper apology and denunciation of what happened at the school he leads:

I'll leave you with this wild thread on just how far Stanford has gone off the deep end, as an institution, over the last few years in particular:

Click through for the whole thing.


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