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In response to GOP governors sending groups of illegal immigrants from the Southern border to various deep blue 'sanctuary' jurisdictions around the country, Democratic officials have thrown deranged fits.  New York's Eric Adams has proudly broadcast his ignorance, risibly asserting that the Biden administration has a handle on the historic crisis -- while declaring that the strain caused by just a tiny fraction of said crisis being delivered to his door step was pushing the Big Apple to a 'breaking point.'  How interesting, Mr. Mayor.  In Chicago, Lori Lightfoot denounced Texas Governor Greg Abbot of racism and anti-Christian anti-Americanism for directing illegal migrants to her sanctuary city, then she...promptly bussed (deported?) a group of them out of her own town.

But it's elected Democrats in Washington, DC that have taken the cake thus far.  One left-wing, anti-ICE, pro-'sanctuary' policy city councilwoman accused Abbott and Arizona's Doug Ducey of "creating" the problem and trying to turn DC into a border town.  Not even close (in terms of scope), but yes, that's the whole point. Not to be outdone, Mayor Muriel Bowser decided that would be a good talking point to run with.  As one conservative writer asked, "are Republicans paying her to say this stuff?"


Much like her NIMBY counterpart in New York City, Bowser wants to applaud the Biden's catastrophic border policies from a safe distance, and boasting about 'sanctuary' progressive ideals -- while leaving it up to other (overrun and overwhelmed) leaders, officials, communities and taxpayers to handle the mess she supports.  Amazingly, she's saying so out loud.  You people deal with it.  Also amazing, but not remotely surprising, is the news media's lionization of the good liberals of Martha's Vineyard, who bravely stared down Ron DeSantis by welcoming 48 illegal migrants into their community.  For about 17 minutes.  The community rallied to embrace the few dozen migrants, congratulating themselves for their hospitality and virtue.  But they also made clear that the situation was not sustainable, and their new friends were gone in 48 hours, shipped away to become someone else's problem.  The heavily-covered slumber party ended very quickly, but the selfless sacrifice of the wealthy Massachusetts liberals shall be celebrated for quite some time:


Oh, I can believe it.  It's what they do.  They can't help it.  There was far more national media attention paid to the Martha's Vineyard episode than to the horrific mass-casualty event of 51 illegal migrants cooking to death in the back of a tractor trailer in Texas.  We all know why.  Democrats and the media go to great lengths to avoid discussing the border crisis story, unless there's a bright shiny object that they believe will help them score political points and rage at Republicans.  The "whipping" smear against CBP officers fit the bill, as does this new kerfuffle.  They'd love to ignore the unfolding calamity altogether, but GOP governors are making it very hard to do so, and they therefore must be punished.  How would the good people of the Vineyard, and their media hagiographers respond if 50 more migrants arrived on the island again tomorrow?  And then again the next day?  And the next?  What a mystery.  As for the ludicrous attack that DeSantis "kidnapped" these migrants and inhumanely "smuggled" them of the swankiest elite playgrounds in the country, it seems like the promptly-ejected group rather enjoyed their brief vacation:


The indignity.  The cruelty.  The horror.  David Harsanyi has sat back and watched the Left's incoherent tantrums play out, and he has some questions:

The White House says Ron DeSantis is using the “tactics we see from smugglers in places like Mexico and Guatemala.” If the governor of Florida is guilty of “human trafficking” for flying 50 migrants to one of the wealthiest communities in the United States what do we call the Biden administration’s policy of sending 70 secret chartered planes of migrants to Florida in the middle of the night? Chuck Todd claims that sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is “inhumane” because it’s “a literal island that doesn’t have any infrastructure.” If the island can’t handle an influx of 50 migrants, a “humanitarian crisis” says the community, how on Earth is it able to host 150,000 tourists every summer? Scratch that, how is it able to host the thousands of tourists who continue to visit the island in the Fall? There are numerous rentals and hotels in operation right now that could easily house 50 people. If wealthy cocooned left-wing voters support anarchy at the border, don’t they have a moral and societal obligation to also take on the burden of helping integrate, care and guide those newcomers? We’re in this together, after all. Shouldn’t municipalities that virtue signal with declarations of “sanctuary city” be prepared to live up to their designation? And if the people of Martha’s Vineyard are welcoming generous salt-of-the-earth types, why is it “cruel” to send them immigrants?

Is it only "human trafficking" when Republicans do it, but not Democrats?  I'll leave you with a leftist writer cranking out the 100 percent predictable and inevitable 'DeSantis is worse than Trump!' hot take, as well as another vignette of the actual cruelty and inhumanity that is being actively incentivized by the Biden immigration policy -- and about which the Martha's Vineyard Saga screamers can't be bothered to care about:

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