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Analysis: The Squad Can't Stop Repeating Hamas Propaganda

Whether as ignorant useful idiots, reckless anti-Semites, or active terrorist sympathizers, some Western leftists cannot stop reciting anti-Israel and pro-Hamas propaganda talking points.  Within Congress, the loudest and most relentless apologists for the Gaza-based terror group is 'the Squad,' whose endless torrent of Israel-bashing assertions -- while the people of Israel have been targeted by thousands of rockets intended to murder them, mind you -- has been stomach-turning but instructive.  Consider these 'points,' which must bring joy and satisfaction to the hearts of Hamas propagandists:


I suspect these fellow travelers already know that Hamas deliberately hides weapons in schools, plots and launches attacks from hospitals, fires rockets from crowded residential neighborhoods, and operates from buildings that host media organizations.  They do this on purpose, so that retaliatory and defensive strikes against terrorist targets can be spun as "war crimes" by their allies like Ilhan Omar, who adds the requisite 'condemnation' of deliberately shooting rockets at civilians -- the whole cause of this current conflict -- as an afterthought.  A pathetic moral equivalence that frames the democratic nation defending itself against terrorism as equal to or worse than the terrorists attacking civilians.  This is pro-Hamas garbage.  And the dishonest script is authored by the terrorists:


AOC, who is currently working to block US military aid to our ally as it defends itself in the face of thousands of terrorist rockets, wrongly and lazily accuses Israel of "targeting" sympathetic locations, as if the IDF just randomly decides to take out civilian buildings for no reason, out of cruelty.  Israel only "targets" places where Hamas deliberately chooses to operate, hoping for the sort of bad optics, including inadvertent civilian casualties, that will induce allies like AOC to perform the intended song and dance.  It's unbelievably cynical and evil, but it works.  Rarely do the Hamas apologists note that a significant number of civilian Palestinian casualties cited in the bogus figures come directly from unintentional friendly fire -- not just intentionally putting civilians in harm's way from reprisal strikes, but actually bombing fellow Palestinians with errant rockets:


During this war they have been on the receiving end of rockets with larger warheads and extended ranges. A terrifying 3.5 to four million Israelis are now in the range of Hamas’ rockets. But Israel has also noticed a decrease in rocket quality, with more rockets falling short than normal: so far 430 rockets have fallen short, landing inside the Gaza Strip. These failed launches cause damage and casualties inside Gaza. While Israel does not have an accurate estimate of how many Palestinians have been killed this way, they say it is at least 20, an under reported fact. Hamas is not only murdering Israeli civilians, but also innocent Gazans. Naturally, Hamas blames the deaths on Israel, rolling the numbers into the tally they provide through their unreliable Health Ministry statistics.

The horrific reality is that dead Palestinians, especially women and children, are a great boon to the terrorists' cause, which is why they relish those PR "wins."  This mentality is sick:

Meanwhile, here at home, Jews are being attacked by "pro-peace" "anti-Zionists," many  of whom just happen to be violent, abusive and deeply bigoted.  What a surprise.  Disgusting scenes are playing out in New York City, in Los Angeles, in Florida, and elsewhere:


I'll leave you with one leftist American media organization, hastily deleting their eliminationist and genocidal rhetoric (widely embraced by the "pro-peace" movement) toward Israel, as another had to walk back its fundraising for a terrorism-linked group.  The hard left is actively or effectively siding with Hamas -- and are therefore, profoundly, on the 'wrong side of history,' to borrow a formulation they love to employ in fits of phony self-righteousness:

Oh, and the new additions to the Squad are the same as the original bigoted members:

Time for another useless "all bigotry matters" resolution from House Democrats?  I doubt they'll lift a finger.  This is what much of their base believes and supports.


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