LISTEN: US Ambassador to France 'Petrified' American Dream Slipping Away, Warns Against Civic Ignorance

Posted: Jul 14, 2020 10:30 AM

PARIS, FRANCE -- On the eve of Bastille Day (today), the Trump administration's ambassador to France welcomed my Fox News contributor colleagues and me to her stunning residence in the heart of Paris. Amb. Jamie McCourt spoke off the record with us about a wide array of issues, then went on the record for a series of questions posed by Mollie Hemingway, Deroy Murdock and myself. She spoke passionately about her fear that the American dream is in peril, as well as about China, the French people's view of civil unrest back in the US, the state of the US-French alliance, the potential of a brewing trade war -- as well as the scheduled start of Major League Baseball (McCourt was owner, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers). Here is the full audio of our exchange, recorded on the veranda of the opulent mansion:

Bonus: Amb. McCourt offered us the opportunity to walk through some of the home and stroll through its magnificent gardens. I took a few shots of the spectacular property:

Bush Completes His Scummy Betrayal
Kurt Schlichter

And yes, that's George Washington presiding over the main entrance and stairwell.