Listen: Guy Benson Goes One-On-One With Ben Shapiro

Posted: Apr 12, 2019 1:45 PM

On last night's edition of Benson & Harf, I had the opportunity to chat at some length with conservative writer and commentator Ben Shapiro, author of the new book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great.  The historical and philosophical defense of Western Civilization has been a top-five New York Times best sellers list for three weeks running and is still going strong.  Our discussion ranged from broad strokes about his thesis, to how he's educating his own children about our grand but imperiled cultural heritage, to the vital link between virtue and religion, to the Golden Rule and trans people's preferred pronouns.  Listen to the full discussion here:

Earlier in the program, Marie and I spoke with Special Report anchor Bret Baier, who previewed Monday's upcoming hour-long town hall-style forum with Bernie Sanders on Fox News.  We also touched on a variety of other major political topics:  

One of the issues that's likely to come up during the FNC special is Sanders' latest, and even more expensive, iteration of his single-payer healthcare bill.  It would outlaw private healthcare coverage and come close to doubling the annual federal budget.  In addition to the usual, myriad political and fiscal landmines in the proposal, Washington Post columnist Charles Lane has also discovered that the legislation as written could also require the provision of taxpayer-funded insurance to illegal immigrants, and require healthcare providers to cover abortions:

As we've written previously, the Democratic Party's increasing fanaticism on immigration and abortion policy (to say nothing of their fiscal recklessness) is becoming quite an ugly sight to behold.  On that score, I'll leave you with this: