Video: This Week's Top Three Liberal Meltdowns

Posted: Mar 31, 2017 4:01 PM

I joined Fox and Friends this morning to review some of the most melodramatic comments made by leftists this week, featuring a piece of overwrought climate alarmism from noted scientist Michael Moore, a preposterous comparison by Chris Matthews, and endless hypocritical whining from Senate Democrats. The morning show crew also tossed in a bonus round, to which I reacted on the fly. Watch, via Right Sightings:

On the Supreme Court front, the Wall Street Journal is out with a terrific house editorial strongly warning the GOP against cutting a farcical "deal" with Democrats, who are entirely responsible for their current bind. Letting them off the hook and rewarding their consistently poor behavior and unprecedented escalations is unacceptable:
Mr. Schumer and other Democrats are trying to lure those Republicans into a deal by preaching a false institutionalism that claims to be acting for the good of the Senate. They want to scare the GOP into believing that breaking a filibuster would somehow break the Senateas a deliberative body that requires 60 votes and bipartisan consensus to act. But the real radical act is a Supreme Court filibuster. Mr. Schumer wants to use the filibuster to defeat Judge Gorsuch outright, or negotiate a deal that gives the judge a confirmation pass of 60 votes in return for a guarantee that GOP Senators won’t break a filibuster on future nominees during the Trump Presidency. Either result would do great harm to the Senate’s advice and consent role under the Constitution, tilt the Supreme Court to the left, reward the most partisan voices in the Senate on the left and right, further inflame grassroots conservative outrage against political elites, and deal a grievous wound to the Republican Party. Other than that, a great day at the office...

If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed, the next opening could come as early as the end of the current Supreme Court term in June and could determine its direction for years. If Democrats know they can block any nominee with a filibuster, they can dictate that no one on Donald Trump’s campaign list of 21 potential nominees can be confirmed. Democrats could guarantee that no one to the right of Justice Stephen Breyer can be confirmed. This would reward the furthest left Senators for their total resistance...This would betray the voters who elected Donald Trump and a GOP Senate in 2016. The Supreme Court wasn’t some political afterthought last year. It was central to the campaign and crucial in motivating millions of Americans to go to the polls. If you think GOP voters are angry now, imagine what they’ll be like if Republicans let Democrats block conservative judges.

I'll leave you with a new ad that the Judicial Crisis Network is boosting with $1 million ahead of next week's planned vote: