Shark Jumped: NARAL's Hilariously Bad 'Condom Shortage' Attack Ad

Posted: Oct 29, 2014 4:27 PM

Sen. Mark "Uterus" Udall of Colorado is in trouble, according to the polls. His party, which has thrived recently in early voting, is struggling down the stretch:

Udall's birth control-obsessed campaign has been savaged as "obnoxious" and "insulting" by the left-leaning Denver Post editorial board, and his relentless negativity have driven down his own favorability ratings, while Republican Cory Gardner's numbers are above water. The Left's acidic attacks and off-the-wall demagoguery have boomeranged. So with the clock winding down, what have Democrats and their allies decided to do in this race?  Triple down on birth control ads.  This radio offering from the abortion zealots at NARAL is quite literally beyond parody.  Don't believe me?  Listen for yourself, sweet pea:

"Cory Gardner banned birth can't find a condom anywhere, and the pill was just the start...sweet pea, Cory denies science!"

Amazing stuff.  I think the idea here is that Cory Gardner's fictional crusade would result in outright bans on so many forms of contraception that there would be a run on condoms. NARAL doesn't quite paint a picture of Gardner banning those, too -- but he'd surely try, right?  If he fails in outlawing condoms, perhaps he'd personally trek from one drug store to the next buying every Trojan in sight with dirty Koch brothers money.  I also enjoyed the super-scientific term "weirding our weather" to attack Gardner's stance on climate change, which is a far cry from the "denialist" caricature.  Back in reality, the Gardner campaign's latest television ad reminds voters that Mark Udall and friends are lying about birth control, which Gardner has repeatedly advocated making available over-the-counter, without a prescription:

Quinnipiac will publish its final poll of the Gardner/Udall race this week. Their fresh numbers in the governor's race show Republican Bob Beauprez leading embattled incumbent John Hickenlooper by five points, which is a noticeably favorable result for the GOP nominee, if not an outlier. Gardner has been running ahead of Beauprez for months, so don't be surprised to see a statistically-significant lead for the challenger when the data is released.