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The Obama campaign released a new television ad over the weekend, which I first spotted on ESPN.  It accuses Mitt Romney of lying about his reckless, unaffordable "$5 trillion" tax cut during the debate:



But wait, doesn't this simply regurgitate a repeatedly-debunked claim that even a top Obama advisor was forced to admit was false?  It sure does.  The Obama camp's new (?) strategy is to paint Romney as a filthy liar, and what better way to do that than to lie shamelessly about him?  After I saw the ad yesterday, I tweeted this message:


Guess what showed up in my inbox this morning?  Voila:

To be clear, I'm not remotely claiming credit for conceiving of this ad.  I'm just gratified that Team Romney is slugging back at dishonesty; they can't let this stuff go unanswered.  As the spot shows, multiple fact-checkers (whose verdicts the Obama campaign says they take "very seriously") have destroyed the president's claim.  Chicago responded by enshrining the false information in a television ad trying to make Romney seem like the dishonest actor.  Typical.  In response, Boston's use and rewind of the Cutter clip is devastating.  It's also smart to underscore the new study that has demonstrated that Obama's spending spree will cost middle class families $4,000 more in taxes.


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