Veepwatch: Final Weekend?

Posted: Aug 10, 2012 3:00 PM

Let's build upon yesterday's first installment of this series, as every politico on the planet turns over rocks for clues as to whom Mitt Romney will select as his running mate.  For a tea leaves primer, read Jim Geragthy's roster of tips.  To the short list:

Rob Portman - He makes Politico's "final callbacks" list, as the Obama campaign is openly soliciting Ohio voters to submit any dirt they may have on their state's junior US Senator.  Classy as ever.

Tim Pawlenty - As we mentioned yesterday, he's flying from Michigan to New Hampshire to for campaign over the weekend, and (possibly) meet with senior VP vetter Beth Myers.  He'll also appear on ABC News' This Week on Sunday, opposite David Axelrod.  Did Axe give T-Paw the kiss of death by essentially endorsing him?

Paul Ryan - The House Budget Committee Chairman remains the focus of much discussion and debate.  Did Romney drop a hint that he's leaning in Ryan's direction?  But isn't Ryan headed to a family vacation in Colorado?

Bobby Jindal - All seems quiet on the Jindal front, prompting HotAir's Allahpundit to make a very robust case for why Jindal could very well be the ideal pick for Romney.  Warning: The piece is quite convincing.  Jindal himself is deflecting Veep questions, like everyone else.

Bob McDonnell - The popular Virginia Governor will join Romney on a leg of his swing-state bus tour, which the "Party of Ideas" will be chasing around with an angry busload of Mitt-haters.

Chris Christie - Where is the New Jersey Governor these days?  Washington state, where he's rallying the troops for a gubernatorial election.  This may suggest that he's playing the good party soldier (and perhaps the RNC keynote), but may not be prepping to be Romney number two man.

Marco Rubio - Surprise, surprise: The Weekly Standard is making another push for Marco.  Republican-leaning voters seem to agree.

For what it's worth, I predict Romney will unveil his campaign partner some time next week.  Is Wednesday the day -- just as the bus tour wraps up?  Let the wild weekend of speculation begin!