Video: RNC Airs New Anti-Obamacare Ad

Posted: Mar 20, 2012 8:22 AM

Yesterday we noted the enduring and swelling unpopularity of President Obama's signature "accomplishment."  We also mentioned that the White House plans to greet their landmark law's second anniversary with relative radio silence compared to Republicans, who are rolling out an elaborate messaging push to remind voters of why they intuitively detest the program.  Just like effective critiques of Obama's failed stimulus, strong GOP attacks on Obamacare will focus on its sundry broken promises.  To that end, the Republican National Committee has released a new television ad airing in six swing states (Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia):

Good stuff, with plenty of material left to work with.  More, please.  Conservatives should be relentless and refuse to let the Left drum up any additional support for this unaffordable, unwanted, and unappealing beast.  It's telling that Democrats are compelled to stretch and violate the truth in defending the law, whether it be the president's "misleading" anecdotes about his own mother's battle with cancer, or statements like this:

Democrats will also argue that all the dire predictions GOP opponents warned about in 2009 haven't materialized. Republicans said senior citizens would lose their health care coverage and private plans would be forced to impose massive hikes in premiums.  "None of those things have happened, and in fact good things have happened -- so that is a help to us," claimed one senior Democratic aide coordinating the week's activities. "People are seeing the good things and the crazy things Republicans said were going to happen didn't happen."

Um, every single thing this aide claimed hasn't happened actually has, and most of the law hasn't kicked in yet.  Seniors on Medicare Advantage have seen their preferred program altered as part of the half-trillion in Medicare cuts that Obamacare imposes, then double-counts as strengthening Medicare solvency and paying for the new entitlement.  More Americans will get booted off of their plans when the law is fully implemented in 2013 and 2014.  CBO estimates the number of Americans jolted from their existing coverage could be as high as 20 million; a study by McKinsey pegged the number at more than 75 million.  And maybe Democrats have just flat-out missed the premium hikes that have already taken effect, not to mention the increased costs of healthcare overall.  The White House coos that everything will be just 2019.  Forgive us for not taking their word for it.  The Obamacare picture is likely to get grislier once it's entirely instituted.  Democrats are simply are buying time with these disingenuous "it's not as bad as they said!" arguments -- which sound like political losers anyway.  Let's repeal this mess before it gets worse, which it will.