Video: Unionized Longshoremen Assault Police Officers

Posted: Sep 28, 2011 2:59 PM

An update to a story we covered a few weeks ago, starring the AFL-CIO's very own Local ILWU in Washington State.  You may recall that these classy gentlemen are locked in a bitter labor dispute with a company at the Port of Longview (a company, by the way, that actually employs other unionized workers).  The Longshoremen are incensed, you see, because they've been denied their God-given "right" to work at an EGT facility -- and they've responded with characteristic restraint and circumspection.  And by that, I mean they've damaged railroad cars, sabotaged brake lines, destroyed property, criminally trespassed, taken security guards hostage, and threatened police with baseball bats.  When the local media sought an explanation for this criminal behavior, they were greeted by this fine fellow.  Now that we're all caught up, here's aerial footage of the latest ILWU protest, at which members attacked the police:

Via Verum Serum, here's the local union president Dan Coffman admitting on camera that his members became violent, while blaming the violence on....the cops, for supposedly "physically abusing" women.  As evidenced by the clip above, that's complete baloney, but let's watch this Trumkaite spin his yarn of nonsense anyway:


Q: You acknowledge yesterday the two guys went after the officers.

Coffman: No. They didn’t go for that. What they did is come to the aid of women who were being physically abused. That’s what’s happening.

Nice.  Since Barack Obama has decided to demonize his political opposition by cynically attributing the offensive outbursts of a handful of activists to Republicans generally, shouldn't it be fair game for conservatives to pin the criminal behavior of a few hundred members of the "Democratic" base to party leadership?  Wear it, Democrats!