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I'm on my way to Ames, Iowa, where I'll be joining forces with Hot Air's Ed Morrissey and Tina Korbe to cover Thursday's GOP debate, and Saturday's straw poll.  We'll have a lot more analysis leading up to both events, but it's no secret that this weekend could prove pivotal for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's campaign.  "T-Paw" is desperately seeking to catch fire and catapult himself back into the top tier of Republican contenders.  His team's latest ad will surely garner some attention.  It hits President Obama hard:



How brutal is Pawlenty's hand at the moment?  Almost as brutal as that spot.

UPDATE - As an added treat, I'll include a very effective attack ad running in NV-02, the special election to replace now-Senator Dean Heller.  The NRCC got its hands on a golden soundbyte from Democratic candidate, Kate Marshall, and ran with it: "I'm in charge of your money.  You have less money today than you had yesterday."  Gaffetastic:


Come to think of it, that would make for a killer campaign slogan.  Democrats 2012:  We're in charge of your money.  You have less money today than you had yesterday.

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