Sharpton: Tea Party A "Monster"

Guy Benson
Posted: Aug 02, 2011 9:28 AM

Which is most lamentable:  That notorious race hustler Al Sharpton is now a freshly-minted MSNBC anchor, that he's launching cartoonish attacks against a movement he clearly does not understand, or that his mindless aspersions are still much less inflammatory than the Vice President's?  Congratulations, Joe: Al Sharpton is dialing back your rhetoric.  That's a big effin' deal:

The Tea Party: A grassroots movement to restrain the size of government, or "a monster that threatens to eat the Republican Party"? The Reverend Al asks the tough questions.  Remember, supposedly MSNBC canned Cenk Uygur because they weren't fans of his "aggressive" style.  Ahem.  His time slot predecessor was Ed Schultz, who was promoted, and now it's this guy.  Hmmm.  Kudos on the Frankenstein/Tea Pot OTS graphic, though.  Cute stuff.