And The New Chair of the UN's Disarmament Conference Is...

Posted: Jun 30, 2011 10:32 AM

...rogue, belligerent nuclear proliferator North Korea, of course! You just cannot make this stuff up:

Despite numerous breaches of arms embargoes and continued threats to expand its nuclear weapons program, North Korea has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. In a speech to the 65-nation arms control forum in Geneva, the newly-appointed president, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong, said he was "very much committed to the Conference."

Appointing a North Korean to chair the UN’s only multilateral disarmament forum is like "asking the fox to guard the chickens," says Hillel Neuer, of the UN watchdog organization UN Watch. Neuer is calling on the U.S. and European governments to protest the appointment, which he says, "damages the UN's credibility." When asked about the controversy over North Korea's new leadership role, UN spokesman Farhan Haq pointed out that the head of the Conference on Disarmament is selected by the member states that sit on the conference, not the UN secretary general.

I wonder how South Koreans, particularly Yeonpyeong residents, are taking this news.  As we've seen in recent months, the UN has perfected the art of self-parody. What's distressing is the degree to which our current administration is happy to enthusiastically participate in this execrable institution's sick charade.