Wisconsin Update: Prosser Grabs Narrow Lead, More Votes Added

Posted: Apr 07, 2011 4:06 PM
Yesterday, liberal challenger JoAnn Kloppenburg led the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election by just over 200 votes.  She declared victory.  After a day of recanvassing, however, conservative incumbent David Prosser has seized a slim lead of his own: 21 votes as of this writing:

  • Start of day: Prosser -204.
  • Winnebago +244 Prosser.
  • Dane: +20 Klopp w/o city Madison,
  • Madison: Klopp +11 in city Madison with 27% in
  • Lafayette +18 Prosser.
  • Pepin County: -6 for Prosser,
  • End of day: Prosser +21

This is an encouraging development for conservatives, of course, but the final (pre-recount) outcome is still very much undetermined.  Today's bottom line remains the same as yesterday's:  There's a long road ahead.  So long, in fact, that even if Kloppenburg prevails, she likely won't be seated in time to rule on Governor Walker's budget law.

UPDATE:  Ed Morrissey is keeping an eye on accusations of voter fraud in the Badger State.

UPDATE II:  Prosser builds his lead, thanks to a clerical error being discovered:

A member of the board of canvassers for Waukesha County says David Prosser picked up 200 votes in New Berlin after a clerical error was discovered.

Question:  Is it time for Prosser to declare victory to match Kloppenburg's premature declaration?

Update III: The rollercoaster curves again, as Kloppenburg gains on Prosser, but still trails.

UPDATE IV:  Prosser's lead is now down to 12 (!)  Follow the minute-by-minute drama HERE.

UPDATE V: Kloppenburg reclaims a tiny lead.


Numerous sources tell me Prosser will pick up 7000 votes in Waukesha Cty. 14,000 votes were apparently not entered into computer system.

(That update courtesy of WTMJ in Milwaukee).