Watch Live: 2011 March for Life

Posted: Jan 24, 2011 12:58 PM
Fox News has the live stream.

Tens of thousands of pro-lifers are braving the frigid conditions to march on Washington, DC today.  They're participating in an annual ritual to register ongoing outrage over the scourge of limitless abortion on demand, which was inflicted upon an unwilling public by an activist Supreme Court 38 years ago. 

Gallup labeled respect for unborn life "the new normal" last spring, as increasing numbers of Americans embrace pro-life values:

The conservative shift in Americans' views on abortion that Gallup first recorded a year ago has carried over into 2010. Slightly more Americans call themselves "pro-life" than "pro-choice," 47% vs. 45%, according to a May 3-6 Gallup poll. This is nearly identical to the 47% to 46% division found last July following a more strongly pro-life advantage of 51% to 42% last May.

A majority (or plurality, depending on the poll) of Americans are pro-life.  Our president and his political party are not.