Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Won't Run for Re-Election

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 07, 2010 2:50 PM
This news creates quite a power vacuum in the vaunted Chicago political machine.  For better or worse, the Daley name has been associated with Chicago governance seemingly forever, and now there's a major opening.  Expect many comers.  Ready for that change of scenery yet, Rahm?

UPDATE: Twitter reaction of the day, via MKH: "@samyoungman Daley not running for reelection. Rahm-shaped hole in the wall of the West Wing."

UPDATE II: The Left's anti-Rahm campaign is already underway.  A group calling itself the "Progressive Change Campaign Committee" is urging Illinoisans to sign a petition that reads:
"I will not support Rahm Emanuel in any future election for Congress, Mayor of Chicago, Governor, or other office. He sold us out on the public option and is a weak Democrat who caves instead of fighting conservatives and corporate power. We won't forget the choices you've made, Rahm."
Yeah, that squishy pseudo-Liberal has really been acquiescing to the right wing constantly, hasn't he?  You show him, Progressives! 

Epistemic closure, anyone?