Auburn U's Homecoming Queen Won with Her Inspirational Pro-Life Birth Story

Posted: Oct 16, 2013 12:34 PM

From North Jefferson News in Alabama:

Molly Anne Dutton was named Auburn’s 100th Miss Homecoming. She was presented a silver bowl by Gov. Robert Bentley and AU President Jay Gogue.

That scene was a far cry from how she came into the world 21 years ago.

Her biological mother became pregnant with Molly being sexually assaulted. The mother’s husband gave an ultimatum: abort the baby, or go through a divorce.

The mother took the latter course, and came to Alabama while pregnant. That’s where Peggy Dutton came in — she and her then-husband were on the board of directors for Lifeline Children’s Services, a Birmingham-based Christian adoption agency. Molly’s birth mother was put in touch with the agency, and the Duttons adopted the infant two days after birth.

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