Has Ann Coulter Lost Her Mind?

Posted: Jan 25, 2012 11:23 AM

Ann Coulter has been on an anti-Newt rage the past few weeks, and last night on the Kudlow Report, she let slip what she really thinks about the GOP voters who have responded wildly to Newt on everything from the charge of racism by Juan Williams for being for Jobs rather than food stamps, to Newt's brilliant rebuttal to Scott Pelley on national security law. She thinks they are morons--or even worse in the world of Coulter, she thinks they're Democrats!

Ann was asked by Kudlow about Newt's invincibility as a debater, and she essentially ridiculed the audiences that have cheered Newt, saying she thought it best to not hear from the so called "peanut gallery."

Is Ann becoming an elitist herself?

And are we seeing the right-wing media elite starting to act and think like the left wing media elite did? That THEY know more than the rest of America as far as what it means to be conservative, and who will best be in a position to beat President Obama.

I mean, why bother going through this whole election thing?!

Rick Tyler, with Newt's PAC, really socked it to Ann for having so little respect for the voters--and the process.