Tavis Smiley & NYT Columnist Lament The "Over 150 Million Americans" Living In Poverty

Posted: Jan 12, 2012 8:35 PM

The two and a half hour special called "Poverty in America," just began on C-SPAN. This video is how it opened--take away the introductions. Michael Moore, Cornel West, and Suze Orman were the few, among many, on the exclusive panel. The NYT columnist speaking here is Barbara Ehrenreich. It's an hour and a half into the show and I would say that it would be more appropriate to call the program, "Blame Whitey, America Sucks."

The takeaway: 1) The government releases stats telling us that one out of every two Americans live in poverty or are on their way there. 2) Therefore, government will provide us with "stuff" in order to prevent us from being poor or to help get others out of poverty.