Allred: Cain Lawyered Up Because He Wants To "Intimidate" Women

Posted: Nov 09, 2011 12:05 PM

Note too that Stifler's Mom Sharon Bialek's lawyer, Gloria Allred taunts Cain for hiring power attorney, Lin Wood: "He can't handle this himself," she says. Indeed. So what?

You've heard the phrase "soft bigotry of low expectations" applied to blacks when it comes to affirmative action policies in our educational institutions and work places, right? This same soft bigotry is seen expressed towards Muslims, Palestinians, or other minority groups who are given passes on issues such as morality, civil behavior, and decency that normally earn condemnation in non-minority circles (Christianity, Judaism, or Western Civilization in general). What often goes unmentioned is the soft bigotry if not outright bigotry towards women who are given passes on things that deserve scrutiny, examination, and often correction or condemnation. Here's a quick example: It's widely understood that a man is supposed to control his sexual nature (read: eyes, toungue, and general distance) when women--especially at the workplace--show cleavage, a lot of leg, or wear an outfit that hugs the body so tightly that it practically makes the woman naked. It would be deemed weak, pathetic, over-board, or unmanly if a man were to report such a woman for sexual harassment. "Don't look then!" you would probably hear in a snarky tone. BUT when a women feels she may in any way be sexually harassed--often after "sexually harassing" men with her general lack of clothing--she is given full and immediate legitimacy and is coddled and supported no matter how unsubstantiated or unintentional the man's motives are.

In other words, society's general default is that women are weaker and need unquestioned support and sympathy when faced with any possible affliction rooted in man's inherent troubled and always suspect sexuality. On the other hand, when women exploit their "pure" and "harmless" sexuality, men need to suck it up, turn away, and deal with it.

Is America Becoming Sinicized?
Victor Davis Hanson

Allred's claim that Cain "can't handle this himself" indirectly fits into the example I just made regarding the soft bigotry of low expectations our society has for women; after all, it's okay that Allred's female client needs the assistance of a lawyer, but Cain is teased if he is incapable of "manning up" and representing himself. Gimme a break.

BTW: If Cain lawyerd up because he wants to intimidate women--as Allred said--does this mean that Sharon Bialek lawyered up because she wants to intimidate men? Ya see--soft bigotry.