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2 Faces Of Obama In 1 Debt Speech

Obama just finished his press conference after Boehner walked from the table.

I was shocked how much finger pointing and blaming the Great Whiner Uniter did towards Republicans and especially Boehner during his presser.

About half way into the Q&A he stiffened his spine and declared that he was not going to do any blaming or finger pointing. I almost fell out of my chair! Not only did he spend the time until this point blaming and finger pointing, but he spent the rest of his time doing the same.

So here's a look at the two faces of Obama during one debt/deficit press conference.

I originally wanted to write: "Obama: Do as I say, not as I do." But the guy says one thing and then says something to completely oppose it--within minutes of each other!

What a piece of work this guy is.


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