"Let's Be Clear: There Is NO Controversy At All Among Scientists Over Whether Humans Evolved. NONE!"

Posted: Jun 24, 2011 7:54 PM
Ron Reagan and the rest of his MSNBC echo chamber buddies (David Corn and Bob Schrum) use Obama's favorite straw man tactic instead of dealing with the uncomfortable realities that opposing thought issues on their dogma. 

You will see immediately after they post Michele Bachmann's quote proposing that our schools teach Intelligent Design (ID) as an opposing point of view to the theory of evolution, the MSNBC libbies begin blasting "her" proposal to teach six-day creationism.

Note how the MSNBC lib trio never mention her actual Intelligent Design proposal. They either do not know the distinction between ID and creationism or they are lying. I think it's the latter.

For those of you who don't know, the difference between Intelligent Design and creationism is this: Intelligent Design says science is "science" because it can be tested and proven over and over. Where has science ever shown that everything has come from nothing? Where has science ever shown or proven macroevolution (i.e., when has a feather ever become hair)? The point is this: Science has never proven or has come close to prove these miracles. In other words, those who believe in the science of evolution--like creationists and those who believe in ID--also share in a common faith.

ID says that creation did not appear from nothing; furthermore, ID says that creation needs a Creator. We are not an accident.

On the other hand, "creationism" is a Biblical argument from Genesis where God created everything in six days. Thus, it is a Judeo-Christian argument of faith from Scripture.

This said, you can see why MSNBC did not want to argue evolution vs. ID, but instead argued against creationism being taught opposite of evolution--a proposal Bachmann did not put forth.

It's not enough that these guys are not intellectually honest (to say it nicely), but they also pull out all the name calling labels for those who have a traditional faith. Hence, Michele and those who believe in ID are labeled as having "flat-earth ideology;" accused of being "fact-free," and are here twice called "fanatic."

After mocking, kicking, and burning their creationist straw man, the trio quickly segway into...wait for it...global warming, where they continue with their left-wing/Al Gore mantras about the debate being "over." Note too how they praise China's intelligence because they understand that man is destroying the planet with global warming.

It's a long segment but it is worth watching these three clowns try to one-up each other with their mockery and detest towards Christians and those who dare to question man-made global warming.