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"FOX LIES!!!" Reporter Confronts Disturbing WI Protester

Some more of that adult behavior from the Democrats and their Union goons. This Fox reporter is being diplomatic with his remark that this guy's behavior is an exception; the few videos I've posted today prove otherwise--and common sense tells me that it's a lot worse that what the few news networks caught on camera.

Friendly note to Democrats and their Unions: The jig is up. The days of teachers hiding behind "the kids" for the monetary benefit of Big Unions and the Democrat Party is over!

Remember, if your kids attend a public school, this man teachers your kids!  But I'm sure he has no agenda and tolerates all points of view from his students.

My fellow Americans, I present to you another video of the tolerant, compassionate, middle-class fighting and lovers of all American and especially non-American victims; here's the everyday face of the Democrat party:

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