"FOX LIES!!!" Reporter Confronts Disturbing WI Protester

Posted: Feb 18, 2011 5:11 PM
Some more of that adult behavior from the Democrats and their Union goons. This Fox reporter is being diplomatic with his remark that this guy's behavior is an exception; the few videos I've posted today prove otherwise--and common sense tells me that it's a lot worse that what the few news networks caught on camera.

Friendly note to Democrats and their Unions: The jig is up. The days of teachers hiding behind "the kids" for the monetary benefit of Big Unions and the Democrat Party is over!

Remember, if your kids attend a public school, this man teachers your kids!  But I'm sure he has no agenda and tolerates all points of view from his students.

My fellow Americans, I present to you another video of the tolerant, compassionate, middle-class fighting and lovers of all American and especially non-American victims; here's the everyday face of the Democrat party: