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The Whole & Very Uncomfortable Prejean Walks Off Larry King Interview

Trying to understand what led to Carrie Prejean's actions on "Larry King [is still a] Live" within the 3-minute clip is unfair. So I am providing a clip of the full interview (I pulled a couple irrelevant pieces to fulfill YouTube's 10-minute quota) so you can see the mood Larry set at the beginning and throughout the whole interview. Like most emotional moments, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Here you will see and hear King's immediate hostility towards Carrie; his smug responses; the constant pen tapping while Carrie is talking; other inappropriate and irrelevant questions like, "Have you seen the video?"; and the agreement that there would be no questions from callers (especially the first and last hand-picked call); et al.

I believe this interview vindicates Prejean's charge that she and other conservative women are unfairly targeted by the liberal media. If you don't believe me, observe how Larry King treats the Goracle on tomorrow night's program.

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