Spectacular Ad Against Friday's $846B 'Cap & Trade' Global Warming Tax, aka Energy Bill; UPDATE Pelosi: 'This Is Historic Legislation.'; Obama Stresses 'Importance' Of Bill

Posted: Jun 25, 2009 1:31 PM
This ad is very effective, and very creepy. The New American says this: Tomorrow, Congress is voting on the 1,092-page American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454) to restrict carbon-dioxide emissions in order to fight global warming. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the measure, which is also known as  "cap-and-trade" legislation, would create $846 billion in higher taxes and increase federal “direct spending by about $821 billion.” In addition to the direct tax implications, the bill's extensive new “cap-and-trade” regulations could skyrocket all Americans’ utility bills and create massive job losses.

This legislation, which would give a double-hit to the wallets of consumers, is strongly backed by President Barack Obama.

The NYT writes that Gingrich is all over this.

UPDATE: Pelosi is psyched: "This is historic legislation."

Obama just declared in the White House Rose Garden: "I can't stress enough the importance of this vote."

When the dynamic duo make all stops in order to pass a bill, you know something is up; and I'm seeing lightning and hearin' thunder.

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