Gay Miss CA Director Goes Nuclear On 'Henchman' Carrie Prejean & Traditional Marriage Advocates

Posted: May 11, 2009 3:25 PM
Openly gay director of the Miss California pageant, Keith Lewis, held a presser today and shamed the heck out of traditional marriage supporters; mark that 7 times. This is obviously a pretext to their de-crowning her Miss California; today's will be called the "venting press conference," the next one will be labeled the "terminating press conference." Also known as "Palinized."

Lewis shames:
     - Traditional marriage advocates: "Your message is so isolating..." and they "spin the truth" because their message is "void of the truth..."

     - Maggie Gallagher: For pocketing "42 percent of her donations...." Lewis also tells Gallagher to "find some place new to recruit your henchmen" and "move on!"

The "tolerant" liberal/homosexual express continues to roll on and over...

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