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I was hoping nobody would try and do this, but it was too easy and too tempting. As we saw in the video posted earlier of Chuck Todd on NBC's "Today" show he is no friend of the "so-called" Tea Parties or their attendees.


With Monday's announcement that President Obama and his Department of Homeland Security will be monitoring "rightwing extremism," it is no surprise that the media have taken today's Tea Party attendees and painted them with Obama's private eyes will be watching you brush. Chuck Todd made his intentions apparent with his first question to MSNBC's White House reporter: "Is the White House monitoring these Tea Parties?" Now, you may say this question is a follow-up to reports that Obama is "unaware of the Tea Parties." But the rest of the interview leaves no doubt as to what Todd meant--especially when Pete Williams joins to discuss the "right-wing anti-government radical threat."

The best apology Williams has for Obama's DHS report is that it does not mention "conservative" once. What Williams fails to mention is that the title of the report is "Rightwing Extremism." How deceitful will the MSM get in order to cover for "unaware of Tea Parties" Obama?

The interview ends with Pete Williams: “After 9-11, there was a huge drop in membership in these [radical right-wing] organizations and there was a crisis of leadership about what to do. What the [DHS] report says is, maybe there’s a turning point now, maybe these groups are going to try and increase their membership and use these varying points as rallying cries.”


And who said the media wouldn't cover the Tea Party protests? Guess they're showing us.

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