Founder Knocks Progressives Out of Softball Tourney

Posted: Aug 18, 2009 9:52 AM

The softball team of center-right think tank, the Heritage Foundation, eliminated the team of liberal-progressive advocacy group, Center for American Progress (CAP), from the D.C. Think Tank League softball tournament on Monday night with a 16-11 victory.

Heritage’s Capitalist Tools led from the third inning on.  Previously undefeated CAP rallied in the bottom of the sixth, closing an 11-run deficit to 3.  Heritage, which founded in 1995,  responded with two runs in the top of the seventh to enter the bottom of the final inning with a 5-run lead.  CAP’s hopes were ultimately dashed, though, when a 6-3 double play followed by a 4-3 groundout ended both the game and CAP’s season. 

Heritage now moves on to the quarter finals, while team CAP may be hauling out the hacky sacks a little sooner than hoped.

Heritage coach Brian Darling had this to say about his team’s victory. "The Center for American Progress softball team played a great game and had a perfect regular season. You play a long regular season and it comes down to one game. The Tools scored a big victory. Our team had to play a flawless game and all 11 players performed like champions. 

"Is it a coincidence that President Obama's honeymoon with the American people is over and his poll numbers are diving on a day when the progressives at CAP lose their first softball game in 2009?  I think not. This softball victory may have been a Waterloo for liberals and a sign of things to come."

Calls to the CAP coach were not made.