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Netanyahu: Those Iranian Sanctions Had Better Work Soon

In the past few months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been catching some flak for hard line against preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Israel needs to be "master of its own fate," he's said, insisting that the Jewish state reserves its right to strike out on its own and use military action against Iran's nuclear facilities. Many in the international community have been chiding Netanyahu to give the economic sanctions against Iran 'more time' to work, but give the man a break -- gone are the wishy-washy days of pretending that Iran has neither nuclear weapons-ambitions nor a sinister agenda.


"They're certainly taking a bite out of the Iranian economy, but so far they haven't rolled back the Iranian program or even stopped it by one iota. I mean I hope that changes, but so far I can tell you the centrifuges are spinning. They were spinning before the talks began. Recently with Iran they were spinning during the talks.  They're spinning as we speak. So if the sanctions are going to work they better work soon."

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