Obama Campaign: Unleash the Vice President!

Posted: Mar 15, 2012 7:35 PM

With the poor results of the Obama administration's policies -- manifested in the current state of our economy, unemployment, regulatory uncertainty, the shackled energy market, etcetera etcetera -- working at such extreme odds against his reelection effort, the job of getting the President a second term is simply too daunting for one man. To help with the messaging strategy they're hoping will counter Obama's poor presidential track record, the campaign team is calling in reinforcements: send in the vice president! Speaking to United Auto Workers members in Toledo on Thursday, Joe Biden sowed some more class-warfare rhetoric, criticizing the GOP candidates as protectors of the "privileged sector" and calling President Obama a man with "steel in his spine":

Yes, I suppose it does take courage to offer failing companies huge bailouts, funded with money that isn't yours, and to push us closer to the brink of national bankruptcy, doesn't it? It's either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid...