Biden Sticking with the 'Pass this Jobs Bill to Prevent Rapes and Murders' Narrative

Posted: Oct 19, 2011 8:21 AM

Last week in Michigan, Vice President Joe Biden showed his support for President Obama's jobs bill by explaining to a crowd that, unless the bill is passed and we have more money for hiring cops, we'll see an increase in rates of rape and murder across the country. Except that, as Human Events pointed out:

Say, did Flint, Michigan get any money from the last Obama “stimulus” pork-a-thon?  Why, yes.  Yes, they did.  Did they spend it on cops to fight their rape epidemic?  Hell, no.  They blew it on “green” buses.  The company that was going to provide the original hydrogen-powered buses went out of business after eating a $1.6 million taxpayer loan (dang it, I said not to laugh, this is serious!) so they’re looking for a new vendor.  They could buy eight normal buses for the price of one “green” bus.  Oh, and they’ve got to build a special fueling facility to pump those rolling boondoggles full of hydrogen.

So, using Biden’s “logic,” how many rapes did Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm? cause by flushing millions of taxpayer dollars down this “green” rat hole?  How many rapes are Obama and Biden responsible for, after shoving billions of taxpayer dollars into such rat holes all across the fruited plain, instead of using that money to hire cops?

Ouch. The facts of how ineffectively and politically stimulus (read: taxpayers') money is often spent mean that there are a lot of holes in Biden's narrative, not to mention the painfully obvious demagoguery. But should such problems deter or daunt the Veep's less-than-compelling argument? Never.

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Victor Davis Hanson

In Philadelphia on Tuesday, the Vice President again decided to run with the 'rapes and murders' line while stumping for the jobs bill, which, by the way, was defeated in the Democrat-controlled Senate. (h/t The Weekly Standard)